Historically, people with disabilities all over the world were considered socially and physically less capable, therefore suffering neglect and rejection. Poverty afflicts the disabled much more due to their productive inability. Despite efforts by the Kenyan Government and some NGOs, support to this marginalised and vulnerable community remains minimal.

Disabled children whose mobility is limited or have a mental impairment are in many cases hidden away for fear of stigmatisation due to superstitious beliefs by the communities around them. They also become easy targets to perpetrators of gender based violence.

Please help us help them. Salama Charities aims to alleviate some of the hardship that these young people are going through. Any meagre financial means that a poor family has will fund the educational needs of their able bodied children. This is understandable but does not mean that we should stand by and let the disabled children be marginalised. We help these children lead as normal a life as is possible given their circumstances by supporting them in day, boarding or vocational schools. They too, have the right to be looked after.

Your donations help us give financial support to schools for the disabled, buy wheelchairs and other disability aids and equip schools to better meet the basic needs of these children. We should do more and we can do more, but this is only possible with your help!

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